January 17, 2018

Teaching Positions – Jobs for Summer

Having a teaching job can be a very fulfilling career.

teaching job

In Wake County Public School (wcpss), the job opportunities have been decreasing over the past few years. Jobs teaching are becoming difficult to find due to the many budget cuts. But the needs of students have not subsided.

Have you ever thought of how you or you and a friend could create your own teaching positions? There are so many students that need help developing life skills such as setting goals, creating vision, making good choices, overcoming obstacles and time management and organizational skills.

It’s a challenging effort for classroom teachers to create the time that is really necessary to teach these skills to kids in school. Think of the number of parents that look for summer camps or track out camps for their middle and high school children. They often look for a program where their child can be stimulated both personally and academically. Don’t get me wrong, as an educator with over 15 years in the industry, we do our best to model and provide an atmosphere conducive to students developing these skills, but parents are asking for more.

Do you know parents who seek out programs that make a difference in their children’s academic success?

Create teacher positions and summer job opportunities for yourself by starting a program of your own to address parents’ needs!

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