January 17, 2018

Summer camps . . . which one to choose?

Although it’s still winter, now is the time to start thinking about your summer plans!

At least plans for summer camps. Registration for many camps begins as early as February.

So what are you looking for in a summer camp?

There are so many different options to choose from. I thought I’d list some questions for you to think of as you are contemplating these decisions.


What are the different camp options available?

  • Child care camp– Are you looking for a child care camp that provides a supervised setting without a specialty focus area?
  • Sports camps – There are many camps that give your child the opportunity to either focus on one particular sport or enjoy a variety of options that keep them physically fit for the days or weeks to come. FYI . . . they might be pooped out when they get home!
  • Music/theatre camps – Many kids are interested in honing their creative skills. There are camps that provide kids with the opportunity to explore the creative arts and often end with a performance to capture their camp experience.
  • Academic camps – Many kids enjoy a certain academic subject area. Exercise their minds and take advantage of a content specialty camp that extends their knowledge further. You never know, you may be introducing them to a career choice in years to come!
  • Teen Leadership camps – Are you looking to provide your son/daughter with a camp that gives them experiences in areas such as improving communications skills, self-image & self-esteem, goal setting, overcoming shyness and fear, learning organization and time management skills, inspiring and motivating teens to action while achieving academic and personal growth and development? If so, then a leadership camp is for you! You never know, this may be something that gives them an edge when applying to colleges and/or getting a job!
  • Religious camps – There are many churches that offer Bible school camps for kids. Check with your local religious community to find out what they have to offer. Kids walk away having a fun experience and learn more about their spiritual connection as well
  • Overnight camps – Some kids (and parents?!) are ready for their child to attend an overnight camp. Kids learn responsibility and gain confidence and new friends along the way!



What are some questions I should ask when selecting a camp for my child?

  • Times – Do the times work with our family schedule?
  • Location – Does the location work with our family schedule? Are the camps offered in different locations?
  • Cost – Compare the value received with the cost of the camp
  • Experience of teacher/leader – What is the background of the teacher/facilitators? Is an advanced degree necessary?
  • Size – What is the teacher : student ratio? How many students are there in total?
  • Objectives – If you are signing up for a specialty camp, what are the outcomes of the camp? How will I know if my son/daughter has met those outcomes?
  • Meals – Is food provided or do I have my child bring their own? Be sure to find out specifics if your child has food allergies.
  • Interactive/hands on learning – Will my child be an active participant and have hands on experience – especially for specialty camps.

I hope you have found this helpful as you begin your search for the perfect summer camp!

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