January 17, 2018

How to interview – what’s your unique proposition?

Want to snag a job?  What do you do at a job interview to make sure you stand out among the others?

  • Wear the right clothes? check
  • Research the company? check
  • Review your resume for errors? check
  • Take out all your body piercings? check

I can’t tell you what the interviewing questions will be, but I can give you some interview tips.  As soon as you walk through that door for your job interview, you are being judged and your body language tells a story!  What is something that is unique to you?

. . . Your first impression ~ a good handshake!

A first impression is made in less than 30 seconds. Like it or not, that’s all it takes. Many people do not realize that to change that impression, it takes 20 additional contacts to be made with that person before their perception of you changes.

Let’s not be reactive and try to fix a poor first impression, let’s be proactive and teach young people at an early age how to create an image of themselves that puts them ahead of many others. Many people perceive those with a strong, solid handshake to be more confident and have better interpersonal skills.

What if you’re not confident? You can fake it if you have to!

No one needs to know if you’re nervous or not, it’s simple . . . when meeting someone for the first time, maintain eye contact, shake his/her hand firmly (not too hard Hercules!) and use their name, or introduce yourself. It’s that easy!

Remember, when you go on a job interview, you have the power to set your own stage ~ make it stand out!


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